Focus on the Family: Trump’s Immigrant Prisons Are Bad, But Abortion Is Worse June 20, 2018

Focus on the Family: Trump’s Immigrant Prisons Are Bad, But Abortion Is Worse

As we continue to learn more about the concentration camps for children, created by Donald Trump with the full support of the Republican Party and, by extension, everyone who continues to vote for them, maybe you were wondering what leaders of the Christian Right were thinking. After all, they’re the ones who insist they support “family values.” They’re the ones who call themselves “pro-life.”

Shouldn’t they be leading the charge in opposition to kids being ripped away from their parents for any reason?

Of course not. That assumes they actually give a damn about these people.

Yesterday, Focus on the Family’s Chief Minister Jim Daly wrote an article arguing that, sure, tearing apart families is bad. But why criticize Trump when he can capitalize on the tragedy and condemn Planned Parenthood instead?

Planned Parenthood permanently separates children from their parents each and every day by taking the life of a child, to the tune of over 300,000 innocent lives a year. In fact, the most dangerous place for a child to be is in the womb of a woman inside a Planned Parenthood clinic.

Tragically, children aren’t just being separated from a parent at abortion clinics or the southern border. Each and every day, millions of kids in the United States are living without a parent because of divorce, abuse, criminal activity, opioid or alcohol addiction or any number of other conditions outside their control. It would be a good thing if the same degree of energy we see exhibited for the border crisis was applied to the domestic crisis surrounding the American family.

Sure, kids are being placed in government-sponsored concentration camps. But what about the kids who don’t exist yet? We have to protect them… so that they can be placed in government-sponsored concentration camps after they’re born.

I guess that’s the logic.

And then Rev. Daly, realizing he hadn’t blamed Democrats for anything, argued that Congress should write a law to fix a problem of Donald Trump’s creation:

A Republican solution isn’t the ultimate answer, but nor is a Democrat one the cure for what ails us

we urge government officials to work together towards a humane and God-honoring solution that best preserves the integrity and sanctity of the family unit.

As every single expert has said repeatedly over the past week, this could all be stopped with a single signature from Trump. He’s the one insisting on separating families. This is a Trump decision and a Trump decision alone. He started it. He can end it. He doesn’t want to and Republicans refuse to force his hand.

The two sides to this issue are Democrats wanting to unite families and Republicans who don’t care enough to solve the problem without using the children as a bargaining chip for their other bad ideas.

Since Daly is beholden to Republicans, Focus on the Family can’t criticize them even as the GOP-led government plans to create a fourth baby jail.

What a coward. What a useless organization that can’t even work up the moral outrage to condemn such an obvious moral transgression.

Focus on the Family can’t even live up to its own damn name.

While we’re at it, don’t look to the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins for moral leadership, either. He defended the government’s actions to the Christian Broadcasting Network, saying, “What this administration is doing is actually enforcing the laws at our borders.” That’s a lie. Those who crossed the border are being charged with a misdemeanor — just like getting a parking ticket — and they’re paying for it by having their children stripped away from them.

It’s cruel. It’s horrifying. And it’s backed by the evangelical Christians with the most power.

Perkins, too, called on Congress to fix this, even though this doesn’t require an act of Congress. This is one signature away from stopping, but Perkins dares not criticize Donald Trump for anything. Jesus wouldn’t like that.

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