Podcast Ep. 222: The Men Who Regret Their Abortions June 16, 2018

Podcast Ep. 222: The Men Who Regret Their Abortions

In our latest podcast, Jessica and I discussed the past week in politics and atheism.

We talked about:

— The Trump administration is using Bible verses to justify tearing children away from their parents. (1:29)

— Canada’s Supreme Court says legal societies can reject the accreditation of an anti-gay Christian law school. (14:52)

— Abortion: Why won’t anyone think of the men? (28:14)

— A Christian Right group plans to spend $20 million for the upcoming midterms. How will you respond? (40:42)

— A study says religious people live several years longer than atheists. Don’t believe it. (50:09)

— These cities are in danger of outbreaks due to parents not vaccinating their kids. (58:30)

— Ireland has set a date for a referendum to overturn the law banning blasphemy. (1:02:12)

— Another Bangladeshi atheist was murdered. (1:08:38)

— Why would a UK legislator block this bill? (1:13:25)

— We got mail! (1:16:34)

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