These Men Say They “Bear the Scars of Abortion” (So Women Shouldn’t Have Them) June 14, 2018

These Men Say They “Bear the Scars of Abortion” (So Women Shouldn’t Have Them)

In a bizarre video from the anti-abortion group Save the Storks, we hear from a number of men who are traumatized because women they impregnated chose to have an abortion.

Like one guy who says he has five children, but — wait for it — he was only able to raise three of them.

Abortion: Why won’t anyone think of the men?!

Here’s a thought: If you don’t want your partner to have an abortion, stop having unprotected sex. Get a vasectomy. Make sure you and your partner have access to contraception. Push for laws requiring insurance providers to cover birth control. And stop blaming women for traumatizing you just because you couldn’t keep it in your pants.

At no point in any of these videos (yes, plural) do we hear the other side of the story. We never hear the men express any compassion for women who have to go through pregnancy and birth, especially against their will. (Hey, mother of three children, why won’t you have two more?!)

We never learn why the women made their decisions or what pressures they might have been under. We never learn how they feel now, in hindsight. Because, of course, their feelings don’t matter. The anti-abortion crowd has no use for women who have abortions and don’t regret them — even though that group represents the overwhelming majority of women who have the procedure. The anti-abortion side would rather pretend those women don’t exist.

Just to be clear, the men in these videos freely admit that these were mutual decisions at the time. It’s not like they didn’t want the abortion but the women did. One man says he was “adamant” about it and offered to pay for it. It’s only later when their lives were ruined and they resorted to drinking and marijuana… because apparently abortion is a gateway drug.

According to the group’s website, there are “55 Million+ post-abortive men in this country, men who are suffering alone from the effects and trauma of an abortion.” Good luck finding a source for that made-up statistic.

And while the videos don’t discuss this, the implication is clear. The people who make these videos (and presumably many of the people watching them) don’t want women to have any choice in the matter. They want abortion to be heavily restricted, if not entirely illegal.

If these men are this troubled by the thought of an abortion, they should stop whining about decisions they made in the past and tell us what they’re doing now to prevent them. The Republican government we have right now is making it tougher to obtain affordable health care, promoting abstinence-only sex education, and passing policies designed to worsen income inequality. All of those things contribute to more unplanned pregnancies and, by extension, more abortions.

Will they vote for Democrats and progressive policies? Will they adopt children from women considering abortions? Will they support comprehensive sex education in public schools?

Or do they just want to ban abortions altogether, even though most men and women don’t have this regret?

Happy father’s day, everyone. These men are celebrating by shaming women for choosing their bodies and lives over the future feelings of men.

By the way, Gallup released a poll this week showing that 79% of Americans believe abortion should be legal in some or all circumstances. I guess none of them have seen these videos.


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