Mike Pence to Southern Baptists: “Our Administration Will Always Stand With You” June 13, 2018

Mike Pence to Southern Baptists: “Our Administration Will Always Stand With You”

Earlier today, Vice President Mike Pence addressed thousands of attendees at the Southern Baptist Convention’s annual meeting. (It didn’t go over well with some people, to the point that the SBC’s new president J.D. Greear called the speech “a terribly mixed signal.”)

Still, Pence spoke to them, and this is how he opened the talk:

“I’ll make you a promise: This president, this vice president and our administration will always stand with you.

You know what? Maybe it’s good that the administration is coming out in support of Southern Baptists. Because they sure as hell aren’t coming out in support of anyone else.

They don’t support victims of domestic abuse.

They don’t support transgender troops.

They don’t support immigrants from African countries.

The don’t support immigrants from non-African countries.

They don’t support Gold Star parents.

They don’t support Muslims.

They don’t support black people.

They don’t support women who wear chastity belts.

They don’t support our allies.

They don’t support women who fight for their reproductive rights.

They don’t support independent investigators.

They don’t support reporters doing their jobs.

They don’t support protesters at football games.

They don’t support those who advocate for free speech.

They don’t support comedians.

But they support Southern Baptists, who are overwhelmingly white, who look the other way when they learn about abuse (until they have no choice but to deal with it), who believe women can’t be ministers, and who believe men must always be the head of the household.

Is anyone surprised that this administration feels right at home with the SBC?

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