The Anti-Abortion Crowd Loves This Ridiculous “Magical Birth Canal” Video June 12, 2018

The Anti-Abortion Crowd Loves This Ridiculous “Magical Birth Canal” Video

A recent video from a Canadian anti-abortion group has conservatives thrilled because it’s “hilarious” and totally “shreds” the women’s rights crowd.

The video features Laura Klassen, executive director of a group ironically named Choice42. In it, she mocks the idea that birth is the dividing line between a fetus and a human being.

I guess it’s funny because liberals have pink hair…?

Human rights. You may think you’ve always had yours! But you would be wrong.

So how did you get your human rights? From the magical birth canal, of course. (Disclaimer: birth canal is not the size of an actual birth canal.)

Just saying. Before the baby or fetus is born, it is not a human being. Clearly. But as it passes through the birth canal, something amazing happens that transforms it into a person with human rights!

Observe. [Going through birth canal] Not a person… Not a person… Not a person… Coming out the other end, a person! Human rights! Congratulations! You now have value. [Pointing to pregnant belly] You can’t say the same for this one.

So what exactly happens in the birth canal that causes this magical transformation? No one knows. But popular scientific theories include fairies, aliens, or of course, a mini big bang. (I think it’s fairies.)

[Moving baby in and out of birth canal] No human rights. Human rights. No human rights. Human rights. Makes sense. Thanks magical birth canal!

Science. Logic. Magic. Human Rights!

[Offstage voice] What if it’s a C-section?

The video creates a straw man argument, then takes more than a minute to “destroy” the logical claim that no one except conservatives are making.

Simply put, Klassen uses a legal definition for when baby obtains rights and pretends like it’s the biological definition (which is a separate issue).

There’s no clear-cut answer for when “life” begins — the “personhood” debate has been going on for a long time — and much of the abortion debate hinges on where different groups draw the line. Is it the moment of conception? The first heartbeat? After the brain develops? When it’s viable? And when should women no longer have the right to decide what happens inside their bodies? (There’s undoubtedly murky ground near the end of the third trimester when the fetus is viable and women in some places still have the right to an abortion; those instances are also incredibly rare.)

To pretend like a birth canal is some magical force that turns a fetus into a baby — and to pretend pro-choice people believe that — is absurd.

Conservatives may celebrate this video, but it’s hard to believe it’ll convince anyone to jump ship and say women should be forced to give birth against their will.

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