At “Monkey Trial” Museum Opening, Christian’s Sign Reads “Darrow: Enemy of God” June 12, 2018

At “Monkey Trial” Museum Opening, Christian’s Sign Reads “Darrow: Enemy of God”

Last summer, a group of atheists paid for and placed a statue of lawyer Clarence Darrow outside the Rhea County Courthouse in Dayton, Tennessee. It was a way to counter the already-existing statue of William Jennings Bryan, who, during the infamous Scopes Monkey Trial in that very courthouse nearly a century earlier, argued against evolution.

When they unveiled the Darrow statue, one of the local critics was a woman named June Griffin. She didn’t just dislike the statue. She was a Creationist who threatened to vandalize it. And that’s before the threatened to bring a gun to the event, threatening the atheists who were there. Thankfully, nothing dramatic happened that day.

Griffin was back at the courthouse yesterday during the grand re-opening of the Rhea Heritage and Scopes Trial Museum, located inside the building. And she brought with her a sign that said “Darrow: Enemy of God.” (I guess she’s lightened up since last year.)

June Griffin, who wore a Ten Commandments lapel pin, held a black and white sign that read: “Darrow, Enemy of God.”

As two reenactors playing lawyer Clarence Darrow and politician William Jennings Bryan greeted the crowd and TV cameras from a platform on the side of the Rhea County Courthouse, and as Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam sat with other dignitaries on seats behind them, Griffin shouted, “The Bible won!”

The Bible didn’t win. While substitute teacher John Scopes was found guilty of teaching evolution, illegal in that state at the time, and fined $100, the Tennessee Supreme Court later overturned the ruling.

Does Griffin know that? It didn’t seem like it.

“There was no equality that day. We won. Christians won. The Bible won,” said Griffin.

Sure… until they lost in court and until our understanding of DNA turned into rock-solid confirmation that Darwin was right. She even confirmed her understanding of what happened in the case in an ALL-CAPS rant on Facebook:

Griffin may use Facebook, but her whole mentality is stuck in the last century.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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