Christian Apologist: We Have “Forensic Evidence” Jesus Rose from the Dead June 11, 2018

Christian Apologist: We Have “Forensic Evidence” Jesus Rose from the Dead

The last time we heard from Christian apologist Josh McDowell, he was telling us that that evidence for his faith was “like a tsunami.” The imagery was both unpleasant and unhelpful, since he offered literally no pieces of evidence.

In a new article for the Christian Post, he argues (again) that the evidence for Christianity is overwhelming and that atheists lack evidence for our side.

My favorite line may be this one:

To help us determine if Jesus really rose from the dead, we have forensic evidence

WHAT?! Forensic evidence? He’s got DNA? Blood samples? This is new information!

Then he elaborates…

… For instance, we can look at the motive of the apostles who proclaimed that they saw Jesus risen from the dead. Why would they invent a story to get themselves persecuted?

That’s… not what “forensic” means. (And there are plenty of reasons the apostles could’ve told those stories even if it didn’t actually happen.)

Okay, what about atheists? How does he discount evolution, the fossil record, all the science that disproves the Book of Genesis, etc?

He doesn’t. He just falls back on the old trope about how atheists think everything comes from nothing.

… Atheists also have faith, even if they claim that their beliefs are based on reason alone. Atheists have faith that the universe can come from nothing. Atheists have faith that life can come from non-life. Atheists have faith that consciousness emerged from matter. Atheists have faith for all sorts of claims for which, ironically, there is no evidence.

That entire line has been discredited, in detail, for a long time. There’s is plenty of evidence suggesting that the universe and all of us in it came about through natural means. You don’t just get to wipe all that aside because an ancient myth says otherwise.

If this is the basis of McDowell’s faith, it’s no wonder you don’t hear about how people are swayed by his arguments anymore. It’s hard to maintain a logical trick when its rebuttal is available online to anyone willing to look for it.

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