Christian Activist Will “Shame” Gays, Women, and Muslims Into Accepting Jesus June 11, 2018

Christian Activist Will “Shame” Gays, Women, and Muslims Into Accepting Jesus

Christian Right activist Dave Daubenmire, last seen telling men not to touch themselves because it’s totally gay, said on his “Pass the Salt Live” webcast today that he’s organizing protests in Ohio outside a mosque, abortion clinic, and Pride parade.

Why? To “shame” everyone into loving Jesus.

And just in case you’re unfamiliar with how “gay” works, Daubenmire filled everybody in on the details:

“I think shame is a good thing,” he said. “Same breaks you down. Shame drives you to your knees. Shame lets you know that you need a savior.”

“What do you mean, ‘Why do you make them feel ashamed?’” he added. “They’re going to go kill their baby! Don’t make them ashamed? What!”

“These dudes at the gay pride parade, prancing up and down the streets” Daubenmire continued, “do you know that those men doing that put their penises in the rectum of other men? Do you know that? Do you know that’s what they do? And you think that’s normal and you think that’s okay and you think the Lord is okay with it? Coach, don’t shame ’em? They’re proud of it!”

I have no clue how he plans to shame people who understand — and are celebrating — that they have nothing to be ashamed about. Also, Daubenmire spends way more time thinking about how gay men have sex than all the gay men who will be at the Pride parade.

It’s telling that Daubenmire feels the need to force his views down everyone’s throats. It suggests that the story of Jesus and what He offers isn’t good enough for some people. And if Muslims went to a church to “protest” the same kind of thing, wouldn’t Daubenmire be the first guy to call it persecution?

Anyway, this is the sort of event that’s bound to backfire. Trying to make people feel bad about themselves when they’re celebrating their identities, making a choice that’s difficult for many of them, or just trying to peacefully practice their own religion will never work.

It’s the same reason Westboro Baptist Church doesn’t inspire a lot of converts and inadvertently pushes more people away from their religion.

So I guess we should all send Daubenmire a thank-you card. He’s doing our work for us.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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