Christian “Prophetess”: God Will Let Me Control a Storm and Volcano! (He Didn’t) June 9, 2018

Christian “Prophetess”: God Will Let Me Control a Storm and Volcano! (He Didn’t)

Kat Kerr, the self-proclaimed Christian “Prophetess” who once attempted to beat back Hurricane Irma with a scepter, then, after seeing all the damage caused by Irma, blamed everyone else for not following her lead, is back with brand new predictions.

Actually, she made them last week. She said she had taken “authority” over Subtropical Storm Alberto and Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano and told them to back off without causing any damage. (Yep. She used the scepter again.)

“I, as a believer of Jesus Christ, I take authority over that storm,” Kerry declared. “I say to you storm, ‘You will diminish.’”

“You are going to hear reports of it being downgraded because it has to obey us,” she guaranteed. “Somebody sent me a message saying, ‘Who do you think you are, Jesus Christ? You think you can command the weather?’ And I went, ‘Absolutely, yes! I’m a joint heir. Are you kidding? He took authority over the weather and we are supposed to be doing the same.’”

“You will not do destruction to your country,” Kerr told the storm. “You will not bring flooding rains. We command the rain to cease.”

It didn’t work. The storm unleashed all kinds of damage, in one case causing a landslide that led to a gas leak that “destroyed a home, killing two people.”

As for the volcano, she demanded that the lava stop flowing:

“We have authority over volcanoes,” she said. “We can even tell them to stop. Christ stopped the storm. So while we’re taking power and authority over the devil controlling that volcano — people are going to be laughing about this, I totally ignore them. Just ignore them. They don’t know what they’re saying and they don’t even know what’s going on. They don’t understand spirit realm authority. They don’t understand that Jesus made us joint heirs, but I do.”

“So I take authority over that volcano,” Kerr declared. “I command it to cease exploding, shooting out the lava, that the pressure be released but without any destruction to people. I command that lava, you will stop flowing and you will crystallize before you touch any more people or their property.”

It didn’t work. 600 homes have already been destroyed by the volcano and the destruction is ongoing.

A better prophet might apologize for the errors, but Kerry hasn’t said a damn thing. I guess she’s hoping no one saw her make the predictions. Or maybe she’s speaking gibberish to the scepter assuming God will get His revenge on all of us. For some reason, I’m not worried.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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