Former Atheists Explain What Led Them to God June 4, 2018

Former Atheists Explain What Led Them to God

There was an interesting thread on Reddit over the weekend. Directed at “ex-atheists,” a question simply asked them what changed their minds.

None of their responses will change your minds, but here’s a sampling of what they said. (Take these stories with a grain of salt, as with everything else you read on an anonymous site.)

Like I said, they’re not very convincing. They’re all personal, and they ignore reason and evidence when it comforts them. Part of me wonders how serious their atheism really was, and part of me wonders if my own non-faith would be shaken in the same situations.

It’s also interesting that none of the stories in that thread mention that they were convinced by the evidence for the Bible. No one is saying, “I visited Ark Encounter and everything made sense.” It’s more like they were suffering and God (or a church) gave them the hope and comfort they needed.

Have you heard any stories like these that seriously gave you pause?

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