Creationist Teacher Who Wants Forced Prayer in School Is Running for Congress June 3, 2018

Creationist Teacher Who Wants Forced Prayer in School Is Running for Congress

A Creationist who wants schools to teach her religious myths is running for Congress in Mississippi.

The state’s 3rd Congressional District is currently represented by Gregg Harper, a Republican who announced he’s not running for re-election, and that’s opened the door to a number of candidates fighting for their parties’ nominations this Tuesday. 66% of this District voted for Harper in 2016, so it’s safe to say this will remain a GOP seat.

One of those Republicans vying for the nomination is Katherine “Bitzi” Tate, a former high school teacher who never should’ve been a teacher given her platform.

The Washington Post explains:

A Christian, she wants to allow states to reintroduce prayer and Bible instruction to public schools. As a teacher, when she gave lessons on evolution, she encouraged her students to write “theory” in the margins of their textbooks, and she would teach them creationism from the Bible.

Some politicians have bad ideas. Katherine Tate has illegal ones. Ironically, Tate’s platform is all about “radically shrinking the government’s role in public schools,” yet she wants the government to force her religion on students.

There are candidates in this District with more local name recognition, so it’ll be a long shot, even for Tate, to win the Republican nomination. But it’s frightening that the little we do know about her includes the fact that, if she wins, she plans to stick her God everywhere she can.

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