Christian Leader to NC Legislators: Stop Promoting “In God We Trust” in Schools June 3, 2018

Christian Leader to NC Legislators: Stop Promoting “In God We Trust” in Schools

A couple of weeks ago, several North Carolina legislators proposed a bill, HB 965, which would “require the display of the national motto, ‘In God We Trust,’ and the State motto, ‘To Be Rather Than to Seem,’ in at least one prominent location of each school.”

It’s the latest attempt to inject God into public schools via the Motto Loophole.

One critic of the proposed bill is Rev. Dr. Jennifer Copeland, the executive director of the N.C. Council of Churches, who says no teachers asked for this and no Christians need this.

For those who DO believe the tenets of Trinitarian Christianity, we don’t need a sign at school telling us who we trust. Families and faith communities offer ample opportunity in the course of a week to reinforce that trust — worship, prayer, Bible studies, fellowship gatherings, small group studies, etc. There’s plenty of trust in God found among the congregations affiliated with the North Carolina Council of Churches and we can provide ample resources to help build more trust.

She also doesn’t hold back when it comes to pointing out the hypocrisy of the religious politicians who requested this motto in 1956 and live on today in the GOP. They want to promote God, but they refuse to fight for any of the things Jesus actually stood for.

Those motto-promoting Christians, however, left the poor in the ditch in exchange for repressing reproductive rights, opposing marriage equality, and challenging integration.

HB 965 plays right into the hands of those who don’t care a whit about whether public education is appropriately funded as long as corporations and their stockholders remain free from social responsibility.

Those are some strong words from a welcome voice. We need more Christians pushing back against the government’s attempts to promote Christianity. It’s been said before, but separation of church and state is good for both sides.

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