Satanists Send Bavarian Officials Upside-Down Crosses to Hang in Buildings June 1, 2018

Satanists Send Bavarian Officials Upside-Down Crosses to Hang in Buildings

As we’ve posted about before, the recently elected Christian-conservative Minister President of the state of Bavaria (in southern Germany), Markus Söder, instituted a new rule requiring the display of crosses in government buildings. Söder insists this isn’t about pushing religion; it’s about celebrating culture.

Now The Satanic Temple London & UK want to help them out.

Working with artist Darren Cullen, the group is sending dozens of crosses to Bavarian state buildings… with just one catch.

The only way to hang the crosses is upside-down.

Says Cullen:

The only alteration I made to the crosses was to place the hanging hook on the bottom edge, a small detail which would force the crucifix to be hung upside down. But that shouldn’t matter, since Söder said the cross was “not a religious symbol” and Bavarian Interior Ministry spokesman Oliver Platzer said “We are happy about every cross that is hung up,” and that each state authority “should hang up the cross as they think best”.

Hey, there’s no rule saying the crosses must be displayed right-side up. Give it up for loopholes!

So far, no one has taken the Satanists up on their offer, but does anyone have a reason to say no? Because I’d love to hear the excuse…

(via For Infernal Use Only)

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