SC Catholic School Rejects Lesbians’ Kids, Saying It Would “Send a Bad Message” May 30, 2018

SC Catholic School Rejects Lesbians’ Kids, Saying It Would “Send a Bad Message”

A woman in South Carolina hoped to enroll her two children at St. Francis Catholic School in Hilton Head Island this coming school year, but Rev. Mike Oenbrink, who runs the church overseeing the school told her the application was rejected because she made a mistake.

She married another woman in 2009.

The couple requested that neither they nor their children be named in this story out of fear of harassment.

One of the mothers, who spoke with the school’s pastor over the phone after receiving a rejection via email, said the priest told her: “Your children have been denied because you’re homosexual. If we admit your children, it will send a bad message to the other families.”

What’s that message, exactly…? I had no idea tolerance was such a despicable term.

It’s not that anyone expects Catholics to be supportive of same-sex marriage. (Why start now?) But why punish the children for the supposed “sins” of the parents? As the mother even said to the priest, are children of divorced parents also rejected? The priest said no, confirming the hypocrisy.

The mother also said she got a very different message from the school’s principal earlier in the year when their family took a tour of the place:

In early March, the couple toured the school, asking principal Brian Pope whether their marriage would be an issue. They said he responded it would not be a problem.

Did something change, or did the Church have to remind Pope that he worked for the Church? The whole experience has left a sour taste in the mother’s mouth.

“My children are being banned because of who I am,” she said. “This is discrimination. Why punish my children for my choices?”

Because this is the Catholic Church, not a reasonable organization that understands hypocrisy and practices kindness toward people whose choices they might condemn.

So now we know the answer to Pope Francis‘ infamous question, “Who am I to judge?” The pope may not publicly condemn those parents, but Oenbrink had no problem telling them he didn’t want their filthy lesbian tuition money.

Maybe it’s for the best. The children won’t attend a school run by a Catholic bigot and funded by parents who aren’t bothered by anti-gay discrimination enough to remove their kids from it.

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