Podcast Ep. 218: Adam Laats, Author of Fundamentalist U. May 26, 2018

Podcast Ep. 218: Adam Laats, Author of Fundamentalist U.

I’m still out of the country this week, but I recently spoke with Professor Adam Laats, the author of Fundamentalist U: Keeping the Faith in American Higher Education.

Laats is Professor of Education and History (by courtesy) at Binghamton University (State University of New York). He has contributed essays to Education Week, the Chronicle of Higher Education, the Washington Post, TIME, and Newsweek. He blogs about education, history, and culture-war angst at I Love You but Youʼre Going to Hell.

I spoke with him about how fundamentalist Christian colleges handle dissenting views, whether or not they exist in a bubble, and what faculty members debate behind the scenes.

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