Canadian Politician’s Ally Says Creationism Should Be Taught in Ontario Schools May 26, 2018

Canadian Politician’s Ally Says Creationism Should Be Taught in Ontario Schools

A former Canadian televangelist with political connections said this week that Creationism made perfect sense and that it would be a “good idea” to teach it in schools across Ontario.

The comments were made by Charles McVety, who was kicked off television in 2010 for suggesting, falsely, that “homosexuals prey on children.” He now runs the Institute for Canadian Values, a conservative group that spreads lies about LGBTQ people and fights against comprehensive sex education in schools, among other things. No wonder he was speaking at a conference run by Answers in Genesis when he made his controversial remarks.

Watch this around the 1:25:00 mark.

… I love science, but I don’t like the science fiction that they teach. And these millions of years are truly science fiction… I can’t find it. I can’t see it anywhere. I can see a complete record of history for 6,000 years and then… nothing. They claim there’s all kinds of things that prove this and prove that, but none of it holds to the standard of being able to be tested. But what does hold is the word of God.

In another video, alongside Ken Ham, McVety talks about how Creationism ought to be taught in schools. (See 1:28:30.)

… last week, the Toronto Star wrote an article and they ridiculed us for having Ken Ham here to come to speak on Genesis, and they said that they’re worried that McVety’s relationship with Doug Ford means that Creation is now going to be taught in all the schools in Ontario. I, of course, said there’s no move in that direction. But it sounds like a good idea, don’t you think?

If this was just some guy on the fringes, he could perhaps be dismissed, but that “relationship with Doug Ford” is vital here. Ford — a Canadian businessman, Donald Trump wannabe, and older brother of the late (and infamous) Rob Ford — is currently the head of Ontario’s Progressive Conservative Party and is running to become leader of the entire province. Elections take place June 7. If he wins, Ontarians could expect a much more conservative government.

McVety is a close ally who has promoted Ford at various churches and events telling churchgoers Ford would back their agenda. That also means that if Ford is elected, there’s good reason to believe McVety would have his ear in setting policy. It’s a disturbing thought.

Consider what happened with Trump over here. As soon as he got elected, he put some of the most right-wing, anti-science buffoons in charge of departments that need to be run by experts. We’re all paying the consequences, and will be for some time, for their negligence.

All the more reason for people in Ontario to stay the hell away from Ford, and by extension McVety, when they get to the ballot box.

(Thanks to Patricia for the link)

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