Ex-Pastor Charged With Breaking His Infant’s Legs and Arm May 25, 2018

Ex-Pastor Charged With Breaking His Infant’s Legs and Arm

A former pastor in Illinois is facing some pretty serious charges after he allegedly broke the legs and arm of his own daughter, who was only two weeks old at the time.

Matthew Everly, who served as a pastor at Normal’s Eastview Christian Church as recently as last year, was hit with 11 criminal charges by prosecutors who say he physically abused his infant daughter. The charges include aggravated battery of a child, aggravated domestic battery, and reckless conduct.

The child was only two weeks old when Everly allegedly broke both her legs in March. [T]he baby, now two months old, is back in her mother’s care.

Everly posted a $25,035 cash bond and was released from the McLean County Jail.

On his LinkedIn page, Everly said he became pastor of senior high worship at Eastview in April 2013, and was hired as associate pastor of worship arts, a position he held for three years until he left the church in May.

There isn’t a whole lot of information about this case yet, but law enforcement found enough evidence for charges that could lead to a sentence of up to 60 years in prison. There is also a separate abuse and neglect case against the parents of this child.

Everly, however, insists he’s innocent. In fact, his lawyer went as far as to call him a “wonderful and talented young man.”

Everly surrendered Monday afternoon in response to a warrant. He posted $25,035 to be released until a June 1 arraignment.

After Everly’s release, his defense lawyer Scott Kording commented: “Matt Everly is a wonderful and talented young man. The filing of these serious allegations visits great difficulty upon him and his family. In response, we ask that judgment be reserved until all the facts are known. He is innocent of these charges.”

It may be Kording’s job to insist on his client’s innocence, but the courts will have the final say. If Everly is found guilty, though, he would be the latest in a long line of people who, despite claiming to get their morality directly from God, fail to live up to basic human standards.

(via The Freethinker)

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