Christian Pastor: I Have Proof the Luciferians Who Run the Planet Drink Blood May 23, 2018

Christian Pastor: I Have Proof the Luciferians Who Run the Planet Drink Blood

Rodney Howard-Browne is the Christian preacher who bragged about putting his hands on Donald Trump in prayer to thwart an attack against the president (only to reveal no details at all when asked about it by the Secret Service) and once claimed Hollywood bigwigs were feasting on the blood of children.

Totally sensible guy.

You’ll be happy to know he a has a brand new conspiracy theory: The Luciferians who control the world drink human blood. Oh, and there are a hell of a lot of pedophiles in Congress.

“At the highest level, the people that rule the planet worship Lucifer,” he said. “These people perform human sacrifices and drink blood.”

“I don’t care what you believe,” he added. “We’ve got all the documentation on it.”

“Bohemian Grove in the redwoods of northern California, it’s a men’s only club founded out of San Francisco,” Howard-Browne continued. “That’s why homosexuality is at an all time high because half of them are all involved in it, including the Congress and the Senate and it goes all the way to pedophilia at the highest levels of government.”

In case you’re wondering, the guy who’s got “all the documentation” provided zero documentation.

This isn’t just some fringe dude, by the way. He didn’t say this through a webcam in his basement. He made these remarks during a “Ministers’ and Leaders’ Conference” he hosted in Florida. Other Christians paid money to listen to him! That’s why you can’t just dismiss his rant as an outburst of a disturbed loner. He’s a leader with access to the president who has respect among a number of other Christians.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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