Creationist Cynthia Dunbar Fails to Win GOP Nomination for U.S. House Seat May 19, 2018

Creationist Cynthia Dunbar Fails to Win GOP Nomination for U.S. House Seat

Remember earlier today when I posted about how Creationist Cynthia Dunbar was on the verge of winning the Republican nomination for a U.S. House seat from Virginia’s 6th District?

You can breathe out now. It looks like that’s not going to happen.

Remember that this wasn’t a regular primary election. The GOP changed the rules to help her out. They opted for a nominating convention instead of a typical everyone-can-vote primary, and they even made sure that a candidate could win the nomination with a plurality of the votes instead of a majority, which is fantastic if you have a slight edge in an eight-way race.

Despite the advantages, though, Dunbar couldn’t pull it out at today’s nominating convention.

Some of the no-chance-in-hell candidates threw their support behind Ben Cline, a state delegate who probably won’t draw much negative attention this November, just to make sure the controversial Dunbar wouldn’t get the nod.

That strategy appears to have paid off.

Look at that. He won with a majority of the votes in the very first round of balloting. The entire event was designed to help Dunbar and she still couldn’t succeed.

On the bright side, maybe she’ll finally have some time to read a biology textbook and learn something about evolution for once.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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