Christian Broadcaster Rick Wiles: The Antichrist “Will Be a Homosexual Jew” May 19, 2018

Christian Broadcaster Rick Wiles: The Antichrist “Will Be a Homosexual Jew”

I know you’ve all been waiting very patiently to learn more about the Antichrist so that you can destroy him at first sight.

The long wait is over. Christian broadcaster Rick Wiles has the answer.

The Antichrist is a “homosexual Jew.”

Because #Logic.

“What is the spirit of antichrist?” Wiles said. “It is anybody or anything that denies that Jesus Christ came to earth as God in human flesh. That is antichrist. If you deny it, then you are antichrist. And the Jews and Judaism is antichrist. Any Jew that denies that Jesus Christ is the son of God in human flesh, then he is antichrist. Judaism is antichrist. Islam is antichrist. Hinduism, Buddhism, all those isms [are] antichrist because they deny the virgin birth of the son of God.

“I personally believe that the Man of Perdition, the one that you call Antichrist, I personally believe he will be a homosexual Jew,” Wiles added. “Watch out for global Zionism taking over this planet through artificial intelligence. There are two things that you cannot publicly criticize now; you cannot criticize the homosexual agenda and you cannot criticize Zionism. Those two are together. They’re driven by the same spirit. And what is coming is a global entity that is going to be Zionism and homosexuality and it’s going to be operated through artificial intelligence and it’s going to be policed through the most high-tech surveillance society that you can imagine. It will be a nightmare.”

Well. I guess that’s settled.

I’m a bit surprised, though. Last year, a preacher claimed the Antichrist would be a black Catholic Syrian Jew. And the year before that, I was told the Antichrist was Hillary Clinton.

If only these conspiracy theorists would just get together, sort out their delusions, and claim once and for all that the Antichrist is a black Catholic Syrian Jewish Methodist. Who’s gay.

Then no one would be confused anymore.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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