Christian Author Defends Trump: He’s Not As Bad As Pharaoh (Who Enslaved Jews) May 19, 2018

Christian Author Defends Trump: He’s Not As Bad As Pharaoh (Who Enslaved Jews)

With a book title like Trumpocalypse: The End-Times President, a Battle Against the Globalist Elite, and the Countdown to Armageddon, you really get a sense that authors Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson are two reasonable, level-headed individuals.

They further prove this by stating, in an appearance this week on preacher Jim Bakker‘s TV show, that Donald Trump isn’t that bad of a president because at least he’s nothing like Pharaoh from the book of Exodus, who kept the Jews as slaves in Egypt.

That’s… quite an endorsement.

“Throughout biblical history, God continually raises up imperfect leaders,” he said. “In the days of the Pharaoh of Egypt — let’s not be Pollyannish here — anything that is inappropriate for young children, it was far worse in the king of Babylon’s time and the Pharaoh. When they partied, they partied and they didn’t even have an X-rated label because anything went.”

And that is different from Trump’s shenanigans how?

“Donald Trump, like so many other leaders in the Old Testament, was raised up by God not because he was perfect,” McGuire added. “Other men in the Bible were pagan kings, in fact, they made the people worship them as gods. God has a historical record from Genesis to Revelation, over and over again, God says in his word, ‘Thus saith the Lord.’ He chooses who he will raise up and put down.”

“He put Trump into office for a reprieve,” he continued, “because our Founding Fathers, the pilgrims and Puritans, entered into a holy covenant with Almighty God, based on Deuteronomy 28. It’s an everlasting covenant. That’s why America is great. So here we have a man, a billionaire, and they don’t like him because they can’t control him. He isn’t a lapdog for Pharaoh’s new world order.

Trump wanting people to worship him is really the least of his long list of faults, as both a leader and a human.

I feel like I ask myself this question a lot, but it bears repeating: Did McGuire and Anderson, and others who think like them, ever say anything like this about President Obama? They thought he was evil because he supported abortion (among other things), but for some reason, he never received as many mulligans as the man who’s cheated on multiple wives, had affairs with porn stars, paid them hush money to keep it under wraps, tears apart families out of spite, lies with reckless abandon, and attempts to pass off his ignorance as informed criticism.

What’s the matter, fundamentalists? Are all sins equal in God’s eyes, or not?

(via Right Wing Watch)

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