Creationist Ray Comfort Just Released a Preachy Film About School Shootings May 18, 2018

Creationist Ray Comfort Just Released a Preachy Film About School Shootings

Just hours after the horrific massacre at a high school in Sante Fe, Texas, Creationist Ray Comfort released a “movie” about school shootings, seizing on the opportunity to spread the gospel after a tragedy.

Another school shooting today! At least 10 dead.

It is because of these ongoing tragedies that we decided to release our new film today: “School Shootings: the cause and the cure, in twenty minutes…for those who want to know.”

(Spoiler: The cure is Jesus. The cure is always Jesus.)

Let’s set aside the gross insensitivity of piggy-backing on a massacre to promote your new film. Because that’s hardly the worst thing going on here.

The video is a 20-minute version of Comfort’s usual schtick. He asks unsuspecting strangers if they think the shooter (referring to the one from Parkland, Florida) was evil. After they respond, he asks them if they’re good or evil… and we get right back into the same old “Are you a good person?” test that Comfort thinks is a theological checkmate.

If you’re not familiar with it, Comfort gets you to confess that you’re not always a good person because you’ve lied or stolen something, and then he tells you the only way to be saved is through Jesus.

Somehow, he incorporates the myth about Richard Dawkins being a cannibal. (He is not.)

Later in the video, Comfort blames school shootings on a “secular nation” that doesn’t turn to God enough. Even though secular countries around the world — with much stricter gun laws — never see shootings like these with any regularity.

There’s also this eyebrow-raising exchange in which one of the unsuspecting strangers asks about the shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

UNSUSPECTING DUDE: That Baptist shooting wasn’t done in the name of God, though?

COMFORT: Hitler did what he did in the name of God.

Good lord, Comfort found a way to Godwin himself in his own movie.

Finally, after it’s all over, Comfort plugs his other films, and I swear to you, this was literally one of the promotional stills:

Who’s the cannibal now, Ray…?

I’ll hand it to him, though. Comfort found a way to make me appreciate Christians who respond to shootings with thoughts and prayers.

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