Couple Who Let Son Die of Meningitis by Treating Him with Garlic Win New Trial May 18, 2018

Couple Who Let Son Die of Meningitis by Treating Him with Garlic Win New Trial

You probably remember David and Collet Stephan, the Canadian husband and wife who were convicted of letting their son die of meningitis after treating him with nothing but “natural remedies” like garlic and maple syrup.

Well, now they are praising “the Lord God almighty” because they won an appeal granting them a new trial.

The Supreme Court of Canada granted the couple’s request for a new trial, saying the judge improperly instructed the jury.

The top court ruled that the trial judge erred in his instructions to the jury at the close of the trial of David and Collet Stephan, who were convicted in 2016 of failing to provide the necessaries of life in the death of their son Ezekiel.

Speaking for the seven-member panel, Justice Michael Moldaver said the judge in the initial trial failed to properly explain the law “in a way that the jury could understand,” and that merited a retrial.

David Stephan celebrated the decision on Facebook, saying “Praise be to the Lord God almighty!!” He also noted that the new trial will allow him to expose the “corruption” in the court and justice system.

In the light of truth and love, we look forward to exposing this corruption as it will serve to uphold the God given liberties that are paramount in maintaining the sanctity of parents and the family.

May the truth be revealed and may the love of God prevail!

In a later post, Stephan expressed anger that people in the “mainstream media” are saying they were “found guilty” despite winning a rehearing. He thinks they should say he was wrongfully convicted, but that’s not what a new trial means. He was still found guilty the first time, so the reporting is accurate. He just gets another hearing now, due to a technicality.

In fact, despite the Stephans feeling “vindicated” by this ruling, it could still turn around on them. Prosecutors also appealed the earlier court’s decision, but for different reasons.

The prosecution thinks David and Collet, who were sentenced to four months in jail and three months on house arrest, respectively, got off too light in their punishments. In fact, David was freed on bail after serving only 20 days of his sentence.

So it’s possible they could be convicted again, and they could even get more jail time than before. The maximum sentence for the sort of crime they committed is up to five years in prison.

Nobody knows what will happen in this new trial, but it’s definitely too soon to celebrate. The evidence was clear before: These “parents” acted negligently in the death of their son. Let’s hope a court, once again, agrees.

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