After Complaint, YWCA Cuts Ties with Satanists Over Menstrual Hygiene Program May 18, 2018

After Complaint, YWCA Cuts Ties with Satanists Over Menstrual Hygiene Program

Because members of The Satanic Temple are good ethical people, members of the Arizona chapter volunteered time and money over the last year to help the local YWCA with their Project Period.

As the Christian group described it, “No one should miss work or school because they don’t have the clothes, shoes and personal hygiene supplies they need.” So the Satanists helped them collect menstrual supplies, including pads, tampons, feminine wipes, and menstrual cups.

They called it “Menstruatin’ with Satan,” and it was a rousing success.

In total we collected:

64 boxes of tampons
110 boxes of pads
5 packets of baby wipes
2 menstrual cups

That is absolutely incredible! As caring humanists, who also happen to be Satanists, it is important to discuss these issues that are usually stigmatized and disregarded by the community. No person should be made to feel ostracized or unclean simply because of their natural biological cycle, or financial situation.

The Satanists even built a storage shed for the YWCA to house the products.

Fantastic, right? The YWCA thought so, too… but the head of the local organization recently received a nasty email (which was shared with me) from a Christian who was disturbed by the partnership. The local YWCA leader told the Satanic group’s head that “although I had nothing but great things to say about our partnership it saddens me to say that my supervisor and headquarters have asked us to dissolve this relationship.”

So because of one angry Christian’s complaints — completely untethered from the reality and practicality of the situation — the YWCA in southern Arizona is now less able to assist women.

As The Satanic Temple’s spokesperson Lucien Greaves told me,

One thing that particularly irks us is how often we’re asked if or how our charitable works compare to those of other religious groups — but here we see, as we often do in practice, our charitable works being inhibited by the religious prejudice of those who simply can’t tolerate us doing good works because it conflicts with their narrative, and those in need of feminine hygiene products be damned. The corporate office of YWCA should be ashamed.

There is some good news, though.

After that forced divorce, the Satanists were able to find a willing partner for their efforts in Go with the Flow, a group that provides “period packs” to public schools for students needing menstrual supplies.

You can donate to the cause by purchasing items right here. And if you’re in southern Arizona, you can help Go With the Flow in a number of ways by filling out this survey.

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