Anti-Gay Christian: I Have “Spiritual Confirmation” That Trump is a “Man of God” May 12, 2018

Anti-Gay Christian: I Have “Spiritual Confirmation” That Trump is a “Man of God”

Scott Lively, the anti-LGBTQ activist responsible for Uganda’s infamous “Kill the Gays” bill who’s now running to be governor of Massachusetts, said on a radio show Thursday that he knows Donald Trump is a man of God.

“I’m a strong supporter of President Trump,” Lively said. “I believe he was transformed from a somewhat reprobate New York liberal into a man of God, God’s man in the White House today. I saw the transformation myself — I had a spiritual confirmation, sort of an endorsement of the idea. He has shown the example of speaking boldly and not being intimidated and not backing down on the things that are important and essential.”

Evangelicals, Lively asserted, can make America great again “if Christians would simply follow that model.”

Umm… does anyone know when this transformation happened? Because Trump the New York Narcissist is the same guy today that he was a decade ago, just with a lot more power.

Why is it that the worst Christians in America are the only ones who have this magical proof of Trump’s faith? James Dobson said something similar before the 2016 election.

Nothing Trump has done in office suggests he fits any of the characteristics Christians prefer to use when describing themselves. He’s not kind or generous. He doesn’t give a damn about the poor. He supports ripping apart families. He wants people already struggling to suffer more. He revels in ignorance. He surrounds himself by yes-men, not critical thinkers. He bullies everyone who dares to criticize him. He acts like he’s constantly persecuted.

Okay, that last one may be the only way he’s Christian.

But it’s never a good sign when someone whose Christianity led him to support the execution of gay people says he knows you share his faith.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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