IL Elementary School Principal Promotes Christianity in Flyers to Staff May 10, 2018

IL Elementary School Principal Promotes Christianity in Flyers to Staff

This is the kind of flyer that La Harpe Elementary School (Illinois) Principal Lila McKeown hands out to teachers at staff meetings:

That’s a lot of Jesus for one public school…

The Freedom From Religion Foundation says there are plenty of other examples of religious propaganda where this came from, and they’re calling on McKeown to stop it before a lawsuit needs to be filed. In a letter to Superintendent Dr. Ryan Olson, attorney Ryan Jayne writes:

As a government entity, La Harpe Elementary is constitutionally prohibited from promoting or endorsing religion… When Principal McKeown regularly promotes Christianity to teachers, and distributes passages from the bible at official district-sponsored events, employees will conclude that their government employer is endorsing religion over nonreligion and Christianity over all other faiths.

FFRF also notes that McKeown allows the Gideons to distribute bibles to students during the school day, which is absolutely illegal. (Passive distributions outside instructional time may be fine, but if you want to allow that, you better be ready for Satanists to offer some coloring books, too.)

How can someone be this unaware of the law concerning religion in school, yet be in charge of educating so many students?

And keep in mind that this is just what FFRF caught! What else has she been getting away with up to this point?

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