Oklahoma’s “Stand Your Ground” Law Now Applies to Churches, Too May 9, 2018

Oklahoma’s “Stand Your Ground” Law Now Applies to Churches, Too

This week, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin signed into law a bill that will allow churchgoers to shoot and kill people — if they think they’re in harm’s way — with a lot more leeway if it turns out they were in no danger at all. It’s an expanded version of the infamous “Stand Your Ground” law.

House Bill 2632, which mostly adds “church” to the list of places it’s okay to use deadly force when you feel threatened, sailed through the Republican-majority legislature.

The intent is, of course, to give churchgoers more calm in the event of a Sutherland Springs-like church massacre, but my fear is that it’s unwise to give a bunch of trigger happy people even more reason to use weapons at the slightest hint of fear. Especially when they’re being bombarded with sermons about how the devil and his minions are out to get you.

That’s not just me talking. There’s nervous energy coming from the very organization that issues handgun licenses:

the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, which issues handgun licenses in the state, has expressed concerns. The agency argues the bill eliminates the training requirement for carrying a firearm and an extensive background check process that includes mental health and court records.

Yikes. Not that anyone needed another reason to abandon religion, but Oklahoma churches are either more or less safe after signing of this law, depending on where you stand with guns.

I wonder how many pastors are now going to be walking on stage with a weapon at the ready. (So much for putting your trust in God…)

Can you imagine the chaos that might ensue if someone barges through a door in the back of the auditorium? Walking into a service late has never been more dangerous.

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