Creationists Quickly Dismiss New Fossil Evidence of Modern Bird Evolution May 4, 2018

Creationists Quickly Dismiss New Fossil Evidence of Modern Bird Evolution

Creationists are already dismissing new fossil evidence that points to how dinosaurs evolved into birds.

An article published in Nature sheds light on the newly discovered skull of the 86-million-year-old Ichthyornis dispar, a “transitional” creature that shared characteristics with both ancient dinosaurs and modern birds. It gives us our first glimpse at how birds got their beaks.

The seagull-sized bird had a beak and a brain much like modern birds, but the sharp teeth and powerful jaws of dinosaurs like Velociraptor.

It shows us what the first bird beak looked like,” said Bhart-Anjan Bhullar of Yale University, a study researcher.

“It’s a real mosaic of features, a transitional form.”

Dr. Steve Brusatte, another researcher (not associated with the team that published this paper), described the fossil’s significance as a “game changer.”

“This helps show that the evolution of birds from dinosaurs was a long and gradual process — it didn’t just happen overnight, and for much of the Age of Dinosaurs there would have existed these creatures that looked half-dinosaur, half-bird.

This is really an incredible discovery, confirming what scientists have long said and filling in additional pieces of the evolutionary puzzle.

So, naturally, we can expect Ken Ham to admit scientists were right and start making plans to shut down his Creationist attractions?

Hahahahahaha. Of course not. Creationists don’t care about silly things like evidence.

So it was half bird & half Dinosaur, but actually was a tiny bird with a tiny beak & maybe a powerful jaw, so obviously evolution is true cause they know it evolved from a dinosaur, so its a “transitional” form but it’s not cause it’s a bird. Fairy tale!

Congratulations, puns. You’re no longer the lowest form of humor. That distinction now belongs to Christian sarcasm.

And what’s with the Trumpian “Fairy tale!” at the end? Is that supposed to make him sound more credible? Then again, I guess he’s an expert on fairy tales…

Ham doesn’t believe this fossil is truly “transitional” because it looks too much like a bird to be considered a dinosaur in any meaningful way. Even though no modern birds have sharp teeth or powerful jaws like Ichthyornis did.

What does he want to see instead? Some Frankenstein-like hybrid in which the bottom half is a bird but the top half is the skull of a Tyrannosaurus rex?

Actually, that’s probably not far from the truth, given that fellow Creationist Kirk Cameron once said evolution is false because otherwise we’d have evidence of a Crocoduck

But this is how Creationists operate every time there’s a new fossil discovery. They write it off, acting as if they know more than the experts who did the research, and demand real proof. Nothing is ever satisfactory because they don’t consider evidence legitimate unless it confirms their interpretation of the Bible.

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