“How Can a Doctor Possibly Be an Atheist?” Asks Catholic Who Did No Research May 3, 2018

“How Can a Doctor Possibly Be an Atheist?” Asks Catholic Who Did No Research

Bill Dunn, a self-described “recovering atheist,” wrote an essay yesterday for the Catholic Transcript, the magazine of the Archdiocese of Hartford, Connecticut, in which he made a completely irrational, proudly ignorant claim. (But he phrased it in the form of a question, so I guess it’s okay.)

Dunn describes visiting a cardiologist and looking around at the posters in the waiting room showing detailed illustrations of the human body. And then he wondered…

As I gazed at those medical posters, which showed the human heart and the complex circulatory system, a question popped into my head: How can a doctor possibly be an atheist?

Oooh! I know! Because many doctors are well-versed in science! (Ben Carson is obviously the exception that proves the rule.)

Dunn wasn’t buying that.

Just think about it. The human body is such a complicated, intricate, precision machine, it is impossible to think it all came into existence by accident. But of course, coming into existence by accident is exactly what atheism teaches. The belief is this: Billions of years ago chemicals were randomly swirling around, just following the laws of physics. One day, a group of chemicals accidently formed into a self-replicating organism. Then, over the course of millions and millions of years, these organisms mutated (a fancy word for additional accidents) into more and more complicated organisms. Then, eventually, after all these zillions of accidents occurred, the end result was such diverse and intricate creatures as a rose bush, a hummingbird and Donna Reed.

This isn’t a new revelation. It’s the “everything is too complicated for me to understand” defense often employed by Creationists.

I don’t need to teach Dunn what any decent book about evolution could explain, but the way he uses the word “accidents” suggests he doesn’t understand natural selection and how certain traits are beneficial and kept around.

But Dunn insists he knows what he’s talking about!

That’s right, atheism is nothing more than an anti-God religious belief system, with no scientific facts to back it up. I should know, because I was an atheist for many years.

Oh please. Dunn was probably apathetic about religion, never caring or thinking about it until he became a Catholic. We know he didn’t read any science books. So what exactly was he doing when he was an atheist?

And then, before ending the piece, he applied the same misguided thinking to other professions:

Anyone who has ever created anything knows how difficult it is to bring multiple components together in the exact precise manner. Therefore, how can a carpenter possibly be an atheist? How can a writer possibly be an atheist? How can an auto mechanic possibly be an atheist? How can a pastry chef possibly be an atheist?

The whole article can be summarized like this: Bill Dunn doesn’t know things, but instead of searching for the answers, he’s confident in his ignorance.

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