Mat Staver: “We Are a Few Months Away” from Ending Gay Marriage and Abortion May 2, 2018

Mat Staver: “We Are a Few Months Away” from Ending Gay Marriage and Abortion

On of the biggest consequences of the 2016 elections was that Donald Trump, with the backing of the Republican majority in the Senate, now has the ability to reshape federal courts so that they move far to the right. The stolen Supreme Court seat replaced conservative Antonin Scalia with conservative Neil Gorsuch, but the next appointment could tip the ideological balance of the Court for years or decades to come. Meanwhile appellate and district court nominations have been stacked with Federalist Society-approved candidates.

No matter how many scandals Trump is embroiled in, this is why so many evangelicals cling by his side. They want their anti-gay, anti-abortion judges. Because Jesus taught us to ruin the lives of LGBTQ people and make women suffer.

After the latest conservative appointment to an appellate court, Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver went on a right-wing radio show to celebrate the success. And he had a message for fellow evangelicals.

If Trump is able to replace any liberal or moderate justice “with someone like Gorsuch,” he said, “that means the abortion decision, the same-sex marriage decision, all of those things that went the wrong way will ultimately be in the balance to be reversed. So literally we are a few months away.”

Staver added that this required the Senate staying in the hands of Republicans, so he encouraged listeners to vote in the upcoming midterms. He’s right about that. A more sensible Senate could shut down all of Trump’s outrageous nominees, and Staver needs Congress staffed with right-wing ideologues for his ideas to take root.

The question is: Will Democrats finally come to their senses and vote for candidates who have no desire to suck up to Trump, or will we once again eat our own, let perfection be the enemy of the good, and hand winnable elections to people who are just extensions of the alt-right?

(via Right Wing Watch. Screenshot via YouTube)

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