In Australia, a Major Christian Denomination May Soon Allow Same-Sex Weddings May 2, 2018

In Australia, a Major Christian Denomination May Soon Allow Same-Sex Weddings

Good news: Now that marriage equality is legal in Australia, those rights may be trickling down to a major Christian denomination, according to SBS News:

The Uniting Church in Australia’s key national governance body has recommended a change in church policy to allow same-sex marriage.

The church’s Assembly Standing Committee endorsed an internal report that recommended changing its policy statement on marriage from being the union of “a man and a woman”, to being between “two people”.

It could pave the way for the Uniting Church to become the first major Christian denomination in Australia to perform same-sex marriages.

The reasons for this change include recognizing the overwhelming consensus of scientists and psychologists that people are born gay, and that anti-gay rhetoric (like the kind often heard from religious leaders) is dangerous to the health and well-being of LGBTQ individuals.

The proposal will now be considered by 265 members at the Uniting Church’s 15th Assembly meeting in July — the church’s national decision-making forum that meets once every three years.

President of Uniting Church in Australia Stuart McMillan told SBS News: “As you would expect, just as in the rest of the country, there is a wide range of views across the Uniting Church on marriage.

“We respect that people have a diversity of views that they come to from a range of different religious, cultural or personal perspectives.

If the church decides to allow same-gender marriages, “authorised celebrants’ freedom of conscience to celebrate or not to celebrate these marriages will be protected”, he added.

Since the proposal has yet to become official, there is still a chance it may not be approved. Still, it’s a step in a more progressive direction. If only more Christian denominations in the U.S. would catch up.

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