Far-Right Commentator on Comedian Michelle Wolf: “Women Aren’t As Funny” May 2, 2018

Far-Right Commentator on Comedian Michelle Wolf: “Women Aren’t As Funny”

A far-right media personality known for leading a hate group has some insightful words about comedian Michelle Wolf, whose routine at this year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner didn’t go over well with Trump supporters and some members of the national media.

Gavin McInnes says Wolf was only chosen because of “affirmative action,” and that the pushback against her jokes was deserved because “women aren’t as funny as men.”

McInnes, considered part of the “alt lite” movement, is one of many conservatives to lash out at Wolf for doing exactly what she was supposed to do. While some of that backlash was surely knee-jerk, considering Sarah Huckabee Sanders seems to have no problem defending Trump’s nasty remarks, the Vice co-founder decided to take it to another, more sexist and racist, level.

On his online Conservative Review TV show (CRTV), McInnes said Wolf “is not one” of the tiny fraction of women who are actually funny, and that she was just hired for the traditional political show because she’s Jewish but has black traits.

“But she looks kind of — she’s so Jewish she looks black,” McInnes said, laughing at his own witticism.

“Well, what happens when we ignore talent and hard work and we just get the blackest-looking Jewish chick we can find? This is what happens,” McInnes said before going to a clip of Wolf performing at the dinner.

Not that it matters, but Wolf has said she’s not black.

This isn’t the first time McInnes has said something racist and sexist. But it is another example of a far-right snowflake melting over nothing. Her speech criticized the current administration, celebrated the First Amendment, and called out journalists for not being critical enough of the lies they hear. President Obama took jokes at his expense in stride for years without a problem. It’s this administration and its supporters who can’t seem to make or take a joke.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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