Christian Activists Are Furious That an Indiana School Taught Sex Ed to Students April 26, 2018

Christian Activists Are Furious That an Indiana School Taught Sex Ed to Students

Elizabeth Johnson, a.k.a. “The Activist Mommy,” has been whining a lot lately about sex education in public schools because she doesn’t like it when students are educated in school. It makes her job harder.

That’s why she urged parents to pull their kids out of school last week as a protest against sex ed. It didn’t change anything, proving once again that the pull-out method is ineffective.

But, as is so often the case with Christian activists, it’s not enough to just be against sex education. They have to lie about it. (Lying for Jesus is apparently an exception to the Ten Commandments.)

Case in point: On Facebook today, she posted a picture of a homework assignment given to students at Fairfield High School in Indiana. The homework asked students to explain the difference between vaginal, anal, and oral sex. Because those things exist, and because they have their own unique risks and rewards, and because only one of them could result in pregnancy.

The homework also asked students to describe the options available to a woman who’s pregnant. Which, again, is important for students to know.

To be clear, the homework assignment doesn’t say any of these things are good or bad. It doesn’t say you should have oral sex, or that you should have sex at all, or that abortion is the preferred route for a pregnant teen, or anything like that.

That’s not what sex education is about. This assignment is clearly aimed at informing students about the options, what they are, how they’re different, etc. What students do with that information is another story.

Naturally, Johnson doesn’t get any of this nuance. She’s not bright. She’s just loud and angry, and she figures those are acceptable substitutes for actual understanding of the issues. She posted the picture, circling the parts she didn’t like, and I want you to take note of how she describes it all afterwards.

… I need help, guys!…

Time to protect some kids in Indiana from obscene indoctrination! Fairfield High School thinks kids benefit from learning how to sodomize each other and kill their babies. And what’s worse…they do it with your tax dollars. Let’s send a loud message to the Principal and the Superintendent over at “Fairfield Sodomy School” that they better pull all the LGBT and pro-abortion propaganda and graphic sex ed from the schools!

That was followed by the phone numbers of the school’s principal and the district’s superintendent so that Johnson’s even more ignorant followers would harass them.

Again, the students aren’t “learning how to sodomize each other,” nor were they ever told to “kill their babies.” These are ideas that only exist in the minds of conservative Christians who are themselves uneducated about education. They’re mistaking knowledge for advocacy.

The student’s response about how abortion is an option for pregnant women? That’s literally and legally true. It’s by no means the only option, but it’s one of them. So good on the student for getting the question right.

The response about how oral sex is a “blow job”? That’s a bad answer. It completely ignores how women can also receive it and suggests that the student doesn’t properly understand what oral sex is. All the more reason to discuss it in a neutral setting.

Teaching students about sex — including how condoms work, why different types of birth control exist for women, why non-vaginal sex isn’t necessarily “safer,” etc. — is invaluable. It’s important. And it shouldn’t go away just because people like Johnson want your kids to remain in their bubble.

There’s nothing wrong with this assignment.

But there’s a whole bunch of things wrong with the Christians who think they can keep kids uneducated and (therefore) abstinent.

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