Christian Group Prays to Protect Donald Trump From the Curses of Witches April 21, 2018

Christian Group Prays to Protect Donald Trump From the Curses of Witches

Pastor Frank Amedia recently appeared on televangelist Jim Bakker‘s show, along with members of his group “POTUS Shield,” to join in a collective prayer to protect Donald Trump from the deep state and “witches and warlocks.”

“I think we need to be wise to understand that this presidency is going to be taken to the edge of destruction by evil forces, by deep state forces, by a conspiracy that has already been named,” Amedia warned. “We know it’s coming. We need to withstand against that. We need to be the watchmen that say, ‘Don’t take your eyes off, the storm is coming.’”

His colleague Bishop Harry Jackson then jumped in with even more prayers to protect Trump from the witches.

“We lift up witches and warlocks who have been a part of this assignment,” Jackson said, “as they have gathered in numbers almost immeasurable to curse this specific president. We cancel, we bind their authority, we bind their curses, we lift up your word that says you shall not revile the gods and neither shall you bring a curse upon the rule of God’s people. We declare those assignments null and void and we claim the souls of many of the witches and warlocks.”

If someone knows how to translate batshit, please get in touch with me.

Jackson’s not alone here, by the way. The people praying to protect Trump from witches include a state legislator, Pat Robertson, and Joshua Feuerstein.

And yet Trump continues to be surrounded by the worst people. Maybe he needs to let in a few witches at this point. They can’t be worse than the people advising him now.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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