Liberty Counsel Lawyer: Satan is Behind Public School Sex Ed Programs April 20, 2018

Liberty Counsel Lawyer: Satan is Behind Public School Sex Ed Programs

Mary McAlister, senior litigation counsel for Liberty Counsel, spoke with “USA Survival” host Cliff Kincaid yesterday about the upcoming “Sex Ed Sit Out,” where parents are supposed to keep their children home for the day to protest “gender-bending” and “graphic” sex ed programs in public school.

Along the way, she made a remarkable claim: Satan is behind the curriculum.

“They’re experimenting on our kids,” Kincaid warned, when he asked McAlister what she means by the line in her Twitter bio stating that she is working to “stop the satanic sexualization of our children and the destruction of the family.”

“It’s evil,” McAlister replied. “It’s absolutely evil. God has made us all in his image, he has set out for us rules for living that enable us to live rich and full and healthy lives and all of this that is going on now is directly aimed at tearing all of that down. Well, we know who does that. That’s the Enemy, that’s Satan and his minions.

How does someone like this fight against sex education when she obviously has no clue what it teaches…?

Living “rich and full and healthy lives” is a major part of sex ed. Making sure you’re having safe sex, without the consequence of children if you don’t want them, is wonderful if that makes you happy. Learning about diseases and how to avoid them is an important part of that. So is learning about what different kinds of contraception are and how they work.

The alternative these Christians are going for is ignorance by way of abstinence. They want to take a single option and turn it into the whole curriculum, and if anyone dares to suggest we actually teach children about the complicated, nuanced subject that is sex, they flip out.

No one’s saying these kids have to have sex. They just need to learn about the topic and areas surrounding it. If they choose to reject that information or fight against it down the road, that’s fine. If they don’t want to wear a seat belt when they drive (legal problems aside), that’s their call. But we should still teach them how to put it on and why it’s useful.

And more to the point: Satan doesn’t get involved in your sex life. (At least not until you’re really good at it.)

These people aren’t worried about the Devil capturing your children. They’re worried about knowledge capturing their own. They see sex education as the piece of fruit Eve was never supposed to eat and they’re doing everything they can to steer them away from it.

The problem is that many of their kids are inevitably going to have sex before marriage — and if those kids remain in a bubble, not only will they not know how to protect themselves or deal with the aftermath, they’ll also realize they can never talk to their parents about any of this.

As a parent, it’s not the sort of relationship I ever want to have with my kids.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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