We Were “Protected By Our Lord,” Says Family Whose Home Was Destroyed By God April 17, 2018

We Were “Protected By Our Lord,” Says Family Whose Home Was Destroyed By God

A tornado hit Amherst County in Virginia over the weekend and some homes were completely decimated. Gary and Leecy Fink, along with three of their children, were at home in the path of the disaster but they managed to get to the basement in time.

They are all thankfully safe. The house, however, didn’t make it.

… you know exactly where this story is going.

God absolutely protected my family and my children, and my son and my daughter who were not at home with us,” [Leecy] Fink says. “We were so protected by our Lord today.

While they are safe, the family lost all of their possessions.

God loves them so much, He destroyed everything they had. Sure, He could’ve steered the tornado in another direction, or spared their home, or made the tornado less potent… but nope! How else would they learn how much he cares?!

As the saying goes, thanking God for sparing you in a natural disaster is like sending a thank you note to a serial killer for stabbing the family next door.

God doesn’t deserve praise for abusing His followers.

At least this family is okay. There’s a GoFundMe to help them out, and after a single day, it’s already close to hitting the $60,000 goal. Those donors are doing far more for this family than God ever did.

(Thanks to Allison for the link)

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