Leader of Christian Athlete Group Condemns Marathons Allowing Transgender Runners April 15, 2018

Leader of Christian Athlete Group Condemns Marathons Allowing Transgender Runners

Back in 2015, Steve McConkey, the president of the Christian sports ministry 4 WINDS, was whining about the “Atheist Gestapo” that was putting a stop to coach-led prayers in public schools.

His new complaint, just ahead of Monday’s Boston Marathon, is that transgender people are allowed to complete in the race in their appropriate gender categories. And that’s an affront to God!

“Pseudoscience has allowed this agenda to happen without protests from those who know better. Everyone knows that men have an unfair advantage over women. Even if a person takes hormones for a year, men still have muscle and bone advantages over females.

“In the women’s 800 meters at the Rio Olympics, it is reported that the medal winners were intersex. Though not transgender, these athletes were born with male parts and were not tested for testosterone. One of the athletes was reported to have three times the testosterone level of a normal woman.

“The Bible says being transgender is sinful. Whenever, you mess with God’s creation, there are problems. Pseudo scientists deny the truth they learned while at universities. They are trying to rewrite the DNA code given to each athlete.”

For what it’s worth, trans women lowering their testosterone levels wouldn’t give them a competitive advantage:

“That’s a misconception and a myth,” said Dr. Alex Keuroghlian, director of education and training programs at the Fenway Institute, a health and advocacy center for the Boston LGBT community. “There’s no physiologic advantage to being assigned male at birth.”

Rather, trans women who take medication to lower their testosterone levels often face side effects like dehydration, sluggishness and reduced stamina — which can all spell disaster for marathon training.

Trying to get McConkey to respect a scientist, though, is a hard sell.

This is the same guy who tried raising a fuss over gay Winter Olympians Adam Rippon and Gus Kenworthy a couple of months ago, only to watch them become two of the Games’ biggest stars.

The marathon organizers in Boston, Chicago, New York City, London, and Los Angeles aren’t trying to create a stir with their decisions. They want the marathons to be as inclusive as possible, and if the runners meet the necessary requirements, there’s no reason to turn them away when all they want to do is participate.

But leave it to a religious man to find something to complain about while everyone else is celebrating.

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