Mat Staver: The Media Is Attacking Trump With Satanic “Psychological Warfare” April 14, 2018

Mat Staver: The Media Is Attacking Trump With Satanic “Psychological Warfare”

Liberty Counsel chairman Mat Staver is one of those Religious Right figureheads who thinks any criticism of Donald Trump is unwarranted. He said in a video to supporters Thursday that the media’s attacks on Trump are a form of “psychological warfare” akin to Satan in the Garden of Eden. (And here I thought Trump was played 4-D chess…)

The king of Assyria, he said, “tried to win the psychological battle before he engaged in the physical battle. That is psychological warfare that has been practiced even since the Garden of Eden. You remember, Satan himself in the serpent, when he approached Eve, said, ‘Has God told you that you can’t eat of any of the trees in the garden?’ Well, that was a lie right there, that was fake news, because God didn’t command them not to eat of any tree, just one specific tree. That is the tactic of the Enemy. So today what we’re seeing is that same tactic played out in the area of politics and faith and values.

“We have the most pro-life, pro-religious freedom president in the history of America,” Staver added, “the most pro-Israel president in the history of America, the most pro-American president in modern times, and all of that, including the future of the United States Supreme Court, we stand to lose. We are one justice away from overturning the horrible decision of Roe v. Wade, the abortion decision, one justice away from reversing that decision of the Supreme Court regarding marriage.

At least he admits that this is all about the Supreme Court for evangelicals like himself. Staver will happily ignore Trump’s scandals and corruption — and claim Trump’s critics are acting like Satan — all so he can fulfill his fantasy of making women who seek abortions suffer as much as possible.

It’s weird, then, that he acts like Satan was so awful in the Garden. All Satan did was tell Eve to eat an apple. Staver is willing to put millions of women’s lives in danger.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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