Christian Host: Evangelicals Back Trump Because His Oval Office is Scandal-Free April 10, 2018

Christian Host: Evangelicals Back Trump Because His Oval Office is Scandal-Free

On FOX & Friends this morning, David Brody and Jenna Browder of the Christian Broadcasting Network’s Faith Nation explained why (white) evangelicals were still supporting Donald Trump in large numbers (even if there’s reason to think that support is slowly fading).

Browder’s answer was that Christians were willing to extend Trump “grace.”

… it really does come down to grace and the fact that this president continues to, for the most part, keep it clean in office. We’re not hearing about scandals coming out of the Oval Office, and he continues to deliver on policies that are really important to evangelicals.

What world is she living in that she believes Trump’s presidency has been scandal-free and clean…?

Even if you give her the benefit of the doubt and ignore the alleged affair with Stormy Daniels, and the hush money payout, and the raid on Trump’s lawyer, and all the awful things he said during the campaign, that still means she’s willing to excuse comments about how African nations are “shitholes,” the both-sides-ism of Charlottesville, the tax cuts for wealthy Americans on the backs of poorer ones, the buffoons he tapped to run various Cabinet departments, the vacations he routinely takes to avoid doing work, his arrogance and incompetence, the obscene amount of employee turnover he’s had in the White House, etc.

If you’re willing to ignore his open racism, outright hypocrisy, and policy positions designed to make life worse who the people who can least afford it, I guess it’s easy to think he’s the man evangelicals have been waiting for.

Even Brody chalked it all up to Trump’s support of Judeo-Christian values and God’s sense of humor.

I’m sure the families being ripped apart because a member who’s lived here for decades was deported to another country are laughing.

While it came up briefly in the conversation, I don’t know why Brody and Browder can’t just be honest: Trump is a garbage human being, but he’s appointing right-wing justices to the courts, and white evangelicals consider that a fair trade.

That’s it. That’s all they want. Racism and bigotry is forgivable to white evangelicals as long as they get the judges they want.

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