Trump’s White House Bible Study Teacher: Women Can’t Lead in Marriage or Church April 8, 2018

Trump’s White House Bible Study Teacher: Women Can’t Lead in Marriage or Church

We all know Donald Trump’s White House officials and cabinet members (including Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Vice President Mike Pence) have a weekly Bible study meeting, but did you know women are forbidden from teaching anything during those sessions?

We’ve pointed out before that Capitol Ministries’ Ralph Drollinger, the conservative Christian and former professional basketball player, is the biggest problem with this particular Christian gathering. He has said that Catholicism is the “world’s largest false religion,” declared homosexuality an “abomination,” and said it’s “sinful” for women with children to serve in Congress.

Apparently, Drollinger’s anti-women views extend far beyond that. Not only are female elected officials sinners if they have children, but women in general are not allowed to lead at all. Not in marriage, not in church, and not in the weekly White House Bible study.

The BBC’s Owen Amos explains:

Capitol Ministries is now in 43 US state capitols, and more than 20 legislatures abroad.

Each class is led by a local pastor, but none is led by a woman. Why not?

“There’s no [Biblical] prohibition of female leadership in commerce, there’s no prohibition of female leadership in the state, and there’s no prohibition of female leadership over children,” says Drollinger.

“But there is a prohibition of female leadership in marriage, and female leadership in the church. And those are clear in scripture… it doesn’t mean, in an egalitarian sense, that a woman is of lesser importance. It’s just that they have different roles.”

It’s bad enough when a pastor preaches complementarianism. It’s even worse when government officials sign onto it for a Bible study. No reasonable person should buy the argument that women in this system aren’t of lesser importance. If a woman is forbidden to lead, they must follow, and that is, by definition, less important. They are subservient.

Drollinger’s Bible studies, which are available online, also contain problematic passages about various topics that legislators have to deal with, including this one concerning LGBTQ rights.

Homosexuality and same-sex ceremonies are illegitimate in God’s eyes. His word is repetitive, perspicuous [clearly expressed], and staid on the subject.”

As we’ve pointed out before, having a weekly Bible study for White House officials isn’t illegal. But having it led by someone who treats women and LGBTQ people this way should be a concern for everyone, including Christians who have a different interpretation of the Bible. It’s one thing for Mike Pence to hold these views; it’s another when those views are being spread throughout the Capitol by someone who has access to legislators throughout the country.

Our leaders are learning bigoted theology from a sexist Christian leader. And you thought this administration couldn’t get any worse…

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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