This Is How We Know the Biblical “Great Flood” Never Happened April 7, 2018

This Is How We Know the Biblical “Great Flood” Never Happened

Dr. Lorence G. Collins, a retired professor of geology, wrote up a fantastic detailed list of 21 reasons the Great Flood (a.k.a. the Noah’s Ark story) never happened for the latest issue of Skeptical Inquirer.

And I mean it when I say detailed.

9. None of the sedimentary rocks in the Grand Canyon contains fossilized pollen grains that are produced by grasses, pines, and flowering trees and plants, whereas these same rocks in the canyon contain only spores of algae, ferns, moss, and fungi. A worldwide flood would be expected to mix these tiny structures if all were alive at the same time of Noah’s flood, and this mixing did not occur. How can a rush of water in a tsunami sort out and separate such tiny reproductive structures from each other?

There’s much more where that one came from.

You can find rebuttals to all of these points in the Creation Mus—I’m just kidding. Ken Ham‘s Creationist crew will just dismiss all of these points. That’s what they do anytime an expert contradicts the Book of Genesis.

Actually, Ham did respond… but he didn’t challenge anything Collins said. Instead, he just expressed disappointment that Collins, a “professing believer,” would dare to “equip unbelievers to tear down the faith of believers.”

Ultimately, he is helping atheists attack God’s Word and the Christian faith. I would not want to be in his shoes standing before our holy God — he will give an account one day!

Ham treats Collins like a traitor to the faith, unwilling to accept that even Christians who understand science side with scientists over Creationists.

But he does accept a God who punishes those who dare to follow the evidence wherever it leads.

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