Priest Who Was Arrested Twice for Child Sex Crimes Says Teen Boy “Seduced” Him April 7, 2018

Priest Who Was Arrested Twice for Child Sex Crimes Says Teen Boy “Seduced” Him

A Michigan priest got out on bail after being charged with sexually assaulting two males, including a 17-year-old boy, only to be arrested again on new charges. Now his attorney says police are guilty of “entrapment” because they used a teenager to “seduce” him.

We touched on the story of Rev. Robert DeLand (known as “Father Bob”) a week ago when reporting on a local bishop whose house was raided when he refused to cooperate with authorities during DeLand’s investigation. Now, Father Bob is under arrest again after facing a second wave of charges.

The newly brought criminal charges include second degree criminal sexual conduct, second degree criminal sexual conduct causing personal injury, controlled substance delivery, and contributing to a delinquency of a minor.

DeLand was out on bond when he was arrested just two days ago, but the most surprising element of the latest incident is the defense DeLand’s lawyer, Alan Crawford, put forth: he says his client was set up by police who coached a teen to “seduce” the priest.

The fact that Father Robert Deland is facing any charges is outright appalling. This investigation, these cases, are nothing more than a witch hunt. I am beyond shocked, not at what Father Deland did, but the manner in which the police department operated. There is no criminal activity. There is no criminal intent. This is a man of God that was doing his job of serving his community and helping those in need.

Furthermore, this case is the text book definition of entrapment. The police, of all people sent a troubled high school student undercover, that was already on probation, and attempted to use this teenager to seduce Father Deland.

The teenager and his family jumped at the opportunity because they viewed this as a pay day. It’s obvious, they were only concerned with money and rising from their current economic situation. They wasted no time hiring an attorney and filing a civil suit in federal court. For the family this is only about money.

As for the second victim, Crawford, speaking on behalf of DeLand, said his claims are “just as baseless.”

This an individual that had a .27 BAC and is saying whatever he can to also improve his financial situation.

For Father Bob and his attorney, it’s all about blaming the victims. If it isn’t a setup by police, it’s excessive inebriation that caused the abuse. Crawford says the indictment is an “injustice” and that his client will be exonerated, but the evidence suggests otherwise. My hunch is that Father Bob won’t be able to hurt any other kids for quite some time.

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