Podcast Ep. 211: Do Atheists Have an Alt-Right Problem? April 7, 2018

Podcast Ep. 211: Do Atheists Have an Alt-Right Problem?

In our latest podcast, Jessica and I discussed the past week in politics and atheism.

We talked about:

— Whether atheists are indeed “veering dangerously” toward the alt-right. (0:15)

— Why Creationist Ken Ham has a lot of job openings, but no takers. (30:20)

— Some incredibly manipulative faith-based backstabbing in Victoria, Australia. (34:57)

— Why Christians must disavow Donald Trump, according to a Christian. (40:15)

— Little Free Libraries are becoming havens for religious proselytizing. (45:50)

— The backlash to a vaccination bill in New Jersey. (50:50)

— A Christian author says we have to avoid vaccines since the Bible never mentions them. (54:58)

— After 73 years of marriage, this Canadian couple chose to end their lives together… and some people are furious. (59:13)

God’s Not Dead 3 tanked at the box office. (1:05:05)

— This “perfect” way to stop gay couples from renting a wedding venue may backfire. (1:09:15)

— This is depressing: A third of Americans ages 18-24 aren’t sure the Earth is round. (1:13:09)

— Many people want to kill women who have abortions. (1:16:55)

— We answer listener mail! (1:26:15)

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