Guessing These Strangers’ Astrological Signs Isn’t As Impressive As It Seems April 7, 2018

Guessing These Strangers’ Astrological Signs Isn’t As Impressive As It Seems

A few weeks ago, YouTube channel Cut posted two videos of people guessing the astrological signs of 12 strangers. One featured “highly regarded astrological counselor and life coach” Ray Couture. The other featured one of Cut’s actors, Shakera (who isn’t an astrologer but believes in the pseudoscience anyway).

Both of them correctly guessed four of the twelve strangers’ signs. The odds of that happening by chance alone is 1%… so there’s gotta be something to this whole astrology thing, right?

No way.

YouTuber Stephen Woodford does an excellent job explaining how this kind of trick works — even if the “psychics” themselves don’t realize it.

When it comes down to it, this wasn’t a simple game of chance. The odds of correctly guessing the zodiac signs of as many people as they did are significantly higher than 1% because there are all sorts of clues that offer insight into the answers.

Astrology is nonsense. What’s sad is how many people involved in the Cut videos and responding the comments seem to fall for it.

(via Rationality Rules)

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