This Progressive Christian Doesn’t Want “Trump Evangelicals” Speaking for Him March 31, 2018

This Progressive Christian Doesn’t Want “Trump Evangelicals” Speaking for Him

While white evangelicals are gleefully destroying their own reputation by continually making excuses for Donald Trump, there are many Christians who rightfully call them out.

Writing for Sojourners, progressive Jim Wallis delivers a scathing critique that every Christian Trump supporter should sit down and hear:

TRUMP EVANGELICALS have so completely and uncritically offered their faithful allegiance to the man in the White House that they have compromised the gospel of Jesus Christ — whose values the president’s life has stood antithetically against. The result in the way the country now views evangelicals, and white Christians in general, has been devastating to the integrity of faith in America and caused great confusion around the world

You can understand the anger. Wallis is an evangelical who’s upset that others have sullied that word.

The article doesn’t just scold evangelicals for supporting Trump; it goes into detail regarding the specific ways that this brand of Christianity is wreaking havoc on society: by enabling racism (and white supremacists), poverty, domestic violence, and rape culture.

Wallis paints a vivid picture of the kind of person most likely to promote these dangerous views: white, straight, relatively wealthy Christian men who have likely never suffered a legitimate case of persecution in their lives.

The United States may very well see a significant drop-off in the percentage of citizens who identify as Christian as a result of what those Trump-supporting evangelicals are doing now.

We could also see a separation of the “wheat” from the “chaff.” That is, a separation of decent Christians from the toxic ones. That’s what Wallis is hoping for, and hopefully others like him will be inspired to speak up and call out the pro-Trumpers in their midst. There’s no reason the Religious Left, inspired by their faith, can’t be a force in politics when it comes to promoting progressive values.

It begins with courageous evangelicals who will vote against Trump and his party — and urge others in their churches to do the same.

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