Woman Arrested for Using Bible to Sneak Weed to Inmate in Jail March 29, 2018

Woman Arrested for Using Bible to Sneak Weed to Inmate in Jail

A woman in Missouri was arrested after she tried to sneak marijuana to an inmate in a county jail… in the spine of a Bible.

Ashley A. Despain was charged with delivery or possession of a controlled substance in a jail shortly after she tried to deliver cannabis, which is still illegal in Missouri, to someone in jail.

Local authorities say they don’t know the relationship between Despain and the inmate.

The local sheriff called it the “wrong way of trying to help someone.”

“Usually (a Bible) is something you bring to help somebody through situations,” Sheriff Jason Mosher told The Star on Wednesday. “That’s probably the wrong kind of help — putting drugs in it.”

To be fair, I can think of several circumstances under which I’d rather have weed than a Bible. I’ve also never met a medical doctor who prescribed reading the Bible, while I know lots who have given out prescriptions for medical marijuana.

Despain probably chose to use a Bible to deliver the contraband because it’s often exempt from rules about deliveries.

Typically, authorities do not allow citizens to deliver items to inmates, Mosher said, but exceptions are made for books and the Bible. He added the inmate was “expecting” the delivery…

The jailer on duty noticed a lumpy part of the Bible’s binding. The jailer then found a small baggie of suspected marijuana wedged between the binding and the Bible’s pages.

It’s unclear if either Despain or the inmate are religious. But if the rules were in place to prevent inmates from harm, then let’s point out that the Bible itself has caused a lot more damage, historically, than any “small baggie of suspected marijuana.”

Talk about misplaced priorities…

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