Liberty University Opens “Sophisticated” Gun Range (Just Like Jesus Wanted) March 29, 2018

Liberty University Opens “Sophisticated” Gun Range (Just Like Jesus Wanted)

While some colleges renovate dorms or build a new student center, Jerry Falwell, Jr. knows what Liberty University needs: A shooting range.

Not just any shooting range. It’s a “sophisticated” and “luxurious” shooting range.

Jesus would never settle for anything less.

The largest Christian university, located in Lynchburg, Va., already allows students to have guns in their dorms and more than 3,000 students have completed free firearm safety courses offered through LUPD, a prerequisite to use the new range.

“Our president, Jerry Falwell Jr., and his father, Jerry Falwell, Sr. have a saying that ‘if it’s Christian it should be better’ — so we’re going to make it not only safe and competitive, but beautiful,” [LU planning coordinator Brad] Butler said.

“Jerry Falwell, Jr. is definitely a visionary when it comes to developing collegiate programs and activities that the students really want to be engaged in,” Butler added, “and without his bold leadership and the support of the Second Amendment, we probably wouldn’t be developing a project as nice and sophisticated as this.”

Well, sure. What else was Liberty going to spend money on? Textbooks?

The shooting range itself isn’t the issue for me. It’s the idea that this is what students want their tuition money supporting. It’s always controversial when schools spend millions of dollars renovating the aesthetics of a school instead of on the courses or professors. But the presumption here is that this would make the school more of a draw for potential students.

That says a lot about Liberty, Falwell, and the sort of evangelical students the school wants to attract. It’s not like they’re creating a center for students who want to learn how to turn the other cheek. That’s not the clientele.

It makes sense, though. When you constantly preach about how Christians are being persecuted, teaching them how to use weapons seems like a natural next step. The first is a lie and the second is unnecessary, both words which accurately describe the education you receive at Liberty.

At least with a gun range, the students will acquire some sort of skill. It’s not like they’re learning anything useful in their classes.

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