GOP Rep. Charlie Dent: How Do Evangelicals “Reconcile” Their Support for Trump? March 29, 2018

GOP Rep. Charlie Dent: How Do Evangelicals “Reconcile” Their Support for Trump?

Republican Rep. Charlie Dent isn’t running for re-election this year, which is why he’s more willing to tell some difficult truths about his party. He told CNN’s Anderson Cooper this week about the obvious Christian hypocrisy surrounding Donald Trump regarding the Stormy Daniels scandal.

I don’t know how many in the evangelical community can reconcile some of their positions at this moment. They seem to be more concerned about someone who embraces their policies on a public level as opposed to maybe living by a personal code that they would find objectionable.

He later added, referencing the Bill Clinton scandals of the 1990s, “A lot of folks were pretty darn alarmed and outraged and had a strong voice about it, saying ‘character counts’… Now that the shoe’s on the other foot, a lot of those same folks are pretty damn silent.”

He’s not wrong. There was a time when I might point to the Bible and tell someone, “Read that and you’ll become an atheist in no time.” These days, I’d tell those people to just listen to the loudest evangelical Christians on TV. Everything they say in support of Trump contradicts all the values they’ve always claimed to hold.

You can’t support Trump while claiming to love women, defend minorities, promote truth, and oppose hypocrisy. But political power has always mattered more for those Christians than anything in the Bible.

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