Christian College Head Who Compared LGBTQ People to ISIS Can’t Handle Backlash March 27, 2018

Christian College Head Who Compared LGBTQ People to ISIS Can’t Handle Backlash

Everett Piper is the President of Oklahoma Wesleyan University who recently penned an article arguing against LGBTQ rights. In it, he suggested a “simple exercise“: Whenever you see the letters LGBTQ, “simply replace those letters with ISIS.”

His argument was that choosing to act immoral should never be rewarded with equal rights. As if being LGBTQ was a choice everyone made.

It turns out that article didn’t go over too well with the sort of people whose test scores and GPA are too high to gain enrollment in his university, so now Piper is lashing out at the critics.

In another piece for the Washington Times, he says he was just raising a “basic question”:

if it’s all about “acceptance” and “tolerance” what standard do you have left to decide anything is right or anything is wrong and, if such a standard exists, where does it come from? After all, who are you to judge?

For asking such a logical question, many in the progressive world such as those at the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and Right-Wing Watch (RWW) came absolutely unglued.

UNGLUED! Oh man, they must have been furious! What did they say in their unbridled rage?!

The SPLC’s over-the-top response came via an article titled “Oklahoma Wesleyan University president continues his anti-LGBT messaging”… which seems remarkably accurate. They also mentioned his history of nasty comments and ties to other right-wing groups. In other words, SO ANGRY!

I literally can’t find a single mention of Piper’s comments by the HRC.

And what did Right Wing Watch do? They merely linked to an article about his speech without any additional commentary.

So right off the bat, Piper is lying about his critics. That should tell you everything you need to know about his credibility.

The rest of the article was a collection of nasty comments he received in response to his piece. He quoted those anonymous trolls directly, though he never bothered quoting the people who “came absolutely unglued.”

And, of course, there was no apology, because he really does believe there’s a comparison to be made between peaceful gay people who want to marry each other and a terrorist organization that slaughters dissenters. #ChristianLogic

If that’s how the head of the university acts, I’d hate to see what garbage his students produce on a daily basis. It’s never good when your diploma is a liability.

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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