This Christian College’s “Boot Camp” Sounds Terrifying March 26, 2018

This Christian College’s “Boot Camp” Sounds Terrifying

YouTuber Sarah Rocksdale grew up in a very insulated Christian environment and felt her only career options involved missionary work or church leadership. That’s why she attended a school now known as SAGU Valor (Southwestern Assemblies of God University), in Georgia, because they were going to train her in those vocations.

The first few days there, she was put through an insane three-day “boot camp” — she calls it a “Bible College hazing” — that really messed with her head.

She describes that entire experience in this video. (You can read the transcript here.)

Here’s just a taste of what they put her through:

… It happened late one night around 11:30. I remember waking up to the sounds of loud banging on the dorm rooms, and my roommate was already up and frantically running around the room, and she was screaming, “This is it! This is it! We have to go! This is it!” So I’m panicking because I didn’t have my bag of sugar duct-taped yet. I wasn’t prepared. So I jump out of bed, locate the duct tape and the sugar, and I sit on the floor, and I’m rocking back and forth. And I’m just wrapping — and I look like a maniac — just wrapping this bag of sugar. My roommate leaves, and the door’s just swinging open. I throw on some shorts, a T-shirt, my tennis shoes, and I head out.

We were later told that being taken suddenly was because, when Jesus comes back, you’re not gonna know. It’ll just happen. So you have to be ready.

What the hell…?

(And just wait till you hear what that bag of sugar is all about.)

Sarah eventually left that school, but not before going through some really awful situations. I wonder how many of her classmates stayed because they felt leaving the school would upset God.

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